Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My Weekend at the NCEMSF Confrence

I had the honor to spend this last weekend in Boston, at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation Conference. NCEMSF is a great organization, and every year they host an inexpensive national conference in an East Coast city. I’ve attended the last 4, the last 3 years I’ve presented a topic. This year was the largest turnout ever, with over 1100 attendees, and 100+ presentations.

This year, I had several friends and acquaintances that were also presenting. I got to meet several people I’d only met online, as well as catch up with some old friends I only ever see at this sort of event.

My favorite presentation to see was presented by my friend, Scott Kier (@MedicSBK) of EMS In The New Decade. Link Here to his take on the conference.

I myself presented Friday Night (first session), doing a tounge-in-cheek review of recent research to a well-attended session. My session was titled: “Why’d the Medic Do That? A Paragod Explains”. The title is a bit of personal humor - those that know me, know that I’m NOT a “Paragod.” My title stems from working with partners who aren’t as up to date with the latest research, leaving me to occasionally mystify them on a call when I do something crazy, like say “the patient does not need supplemental oxygen” or “we don’t need a backboard.” Some of what I do is heresy to those who haven’t cracked a book since EMT school.

What I found amazing is that there was a full-length session dedicated to EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. I'd covered... Not to brag, but I summed up most of those sessions in about 10 minutes.

Anyway - I promised I’d post my source links for those who attended my session - Here they are. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

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