About Me

I'm a late-20's Paramedic living and working in Suburban Philadelphia, PA.

I split my time between working as a prehospital EMS provider, and doing inter-facility / Critical Care Transport. I also still volunteer in my home community as an EMT-Basic. I've worked full and/or part time as a EMT and a Security Officer since 2003, and now work 3 part-time jobs (for full time hours) as a Paramedic. I've got a B.S. degree in Health Sciences (Paramedic transition program). Additionally, I'm a volunteer Lieutenant with the school's on-campus First Responder group, supervising Clinical Care, including Training and QA/QI.

I've been involved in various online forums since 2004, and serve as a forum administrator over at EMTLife.com
Additionally, I serve as the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians State Advocacy Coordinator for Pennsylvania.