Thursday, May 14, 2009


I watched the last two episodes of Season 8 of Scrubs today. I've now seen every episode. This was the last episode of Scrubs, at least as we've known it. It might or might not come back for a 9th season - but the cast won't be the same.

Anyway - I've seen most of the medical TV shows that have played. Emergency! was the best, of course. They really, really worked to make it realistic.
ER, Third Watch, etc - they've all been wayyy too much drama and not enough medicine. And they got stale and corny.

Scrubs never got stale... yeah, it was a sitcom, but it was also funny, and had serious times, too. Also, as much as it was humorous, it was realistic in some aspects. Poking fun at new doctors... and in some ways, bringing House of God to life.
But now thats gone. I'm just a little saddened.