Monday, December 01, 2014

2014 PA Scope of Practice Update

On Saturday, 11/29/14, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania published an update to the EMS scope of practice in the PA Bulletin (Found here). I’m no lawyer, but as the document highlights that IN and IM (Autoinjector) Narcan administration is OK immediately, I’m presuming that the entire scope of practice is effective immediately. For reference sake, (2011 here) is the prior Scope of Practice, dated 4/9/11.

I've compared the old and new documents line-by-line and have the results attached as a spreadsheet

Key below. Anything in RED is from the 2011 listing.

Scope is same or similar to previously standing protocol
Scope is similar, but has been changed to a minor degree
Significant change in scope
New scope of practice either granting or restricting
Present in 2011, Absent in 2014

Here's ALL the changes as a Google Doc Spreadsheet - note the 4 tabs on the bottom