Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Blog Title!

Happy New Year!

So I'm starting the new year off with some change. After much thought, I've decided to change my blog title from the current "Earning Money Sleeping" to "EMS Nomad"

Earning Money Sleeping is one of many farcical bacronyms used to define "EMS" for humor within our community. I chose it as a blog title for many reasons – Biggest is that EMS, the Fire Service, and within hospitals are the only places where people truly are allowed to sleep when they are “on the clock”. The ability, and even expectation that we will sleep makes us DIFFERENT from many other professions. It is not without issue, though. As I was talking about DCFD last year, I discussed the hazards of shift-work sleep disorders. I can speak from first hand experience – I’ve worked some long shifts without good sleep.

That said, I think it doesn't really describe me, and I want to make a change. So here goes.

Why EMS Nomad?

Right now I'm a college graduate (B.S., Health Sciences) paramedic that works 4 part-time EMS jobs to make ends meet. Some days I feel like I'm constantly wandering from job to job. I also volunteer at 2 services, one BLS first responder agency, and a fire-based EMS system where I'm working on becoming an ALS provider. One of those days I'll find a full time job where I'll be comfortable long-term. Until then? I'm a nomad, and I actually don't mind it. The experience across my different jobs is varied and complimentary.

I work some interesting jobs - 2 small-town suburban EMS jobs, a city-based IFT/CCT job, and an occasional shift in an industrial health clinic. I also work at a local gun store, which I find is a nice break from working EMS, and is just plain enjoyable.

I made a joking comment a few weeks ago to a co-worker that I felt like a nomad, living out of my car (because all my work stuff lives in my SUV)... and I decided it would make a decent blog name.

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