Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Rushed To The Hospital"

"The ambulance rushed him to the hospital"

I've seen that in news articles, in books (fiction AND non-fiction), and heard the phrase used in TV and movies. It bothers me whenever I hear it. It isn't quite "Ambulance Drivers" but sometimes it completes a phrase started that way.

Why do people still think this way? Is this something we are perpetuating? Does it create an inappropriate expectation? Can we fix it?

Oh, and news flash... if you can talk on the phone in the back of the ambulance... you don't get to tell ANYONE you're being "rushed" to the hospital. Even if we did have the lights and sirens on (we didn't)... that isn't rushing. That's driving in a safe and responsible manner. If I look worried... then, perhaps, you can get worried. But if your EMS crew is calm... take their lead. And remember... if you aren't sick enough to prevent you from talking on the cell phone during the ride - perhaps you really don't need the ambulance ride?

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