Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, and a good mood!

Happy Monday! It’s 73 degrees, going up to 80+ today. I’m wearing shorts for the first time this year, and sitting in the office at the University. I’m supposed to be catching up on paperwork – my owed charts, and QA in general. The office door is open, and I can’t seem to focus. This weekend was nice overall. Worked as a Medic Saturday daytime – did 2 less than acute calls, including my first legitimate ALS release (never had a reason to before). Saturday night on the BLS squad, doing a “rent” shift, with the GF riding with me (she’s a member, too). It was miserable… 2 more patients that I like trying to throw up on me, and no real sleep. Slept in Sunday AM, then took the GF to the range for the first time ever… She tried my pistols (need to find something that better fits her hands), and I dropped the .22 conversion into the AR… she loved that. Then I had a meeting for Alpha Phi Omega at school… a late dinner with her, and she headed home. So, I’m in a good mood this week. School is over in a few weeks – that will be my first priority, to make sure I finish my class obligations. I’m trying to balance school, work, volunteer, and personal obligations, and I think I’m doing a better job than I have been. EMS on the Hill is in less than a month, and I can’t wait to see all my EMS 2.0 friends again. On the State side, House Bill 40 (Castle Doctrine) is supposed to go for its final vote in the State House today… then on to the Senate for their approval. We are getting there. Anyway – That’s all I’ve got for today!

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