Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I avoid Bars

I went out to a bar for a drink after class, and I found myself thinking back to something I remember reading by Rob the Bouncer.

I'm looking around the bar, at all these OBLITERATED people at midnight on a Tuesday, and I really wanted to know why none of them seemed to have jobs to worry about being at the next morning. And then I realized why I felt uncomfortable... I was barely intoxicated... and had no intention of getting more so, because I've got stuff to do in the morning. In fact, I wonder why I was even out at all.

Still - if those people don't need to be ready to work in the AM - how can they afford to go drinking?

And so long as I continue to act like a responsible adult... I will continue to be reminded of why I DON'T drink in bars.... although I have been known to occasionally work the door.

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Kevin Carr said...

Maybe they work shift work like us...