Thursday, November 13, 2008

Medic Students say the darndest things.

So in class tonight, we learned some new descriptive phrases – this is meant mostly as humor, and also evidence and reminder for the T-shirt or “remember this” list that we’ll be coming up with eventually.

Pulmonary function is now summed up in one word: Flowability. “Doc, the patient has bad flowability and we're CPAP'ing 'em"

And 12-lead interpretation got easier… if the ST segment looks like a smile from a smilieface… that is good. If it is a frown, it’s bad. So from now on, when we call a certain doc on the command line, we can say “I’ve got smiles on the ST segments and good flowability… I’ll see you in 10. Of course, if we get any other doc… this could be really bad.

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