Monday, July 07, 2014

Be Careful Who You Criticize

Going through Medic School, I had a classmate that sat behind me, and felt it was her business to keep reminding me that I was on my second time through. It was hurtful, but also pushed me to do better. I wanted to be one of the first from my class to actually GET the shiny Registry patch, and I was. I was second place, behind the OTHER guy who had repeated medic school that year (someone I respect, and I was honored to be in second place behind).

I finished, and have worked for several years as a paramedic in the same area. I continue to encounter this person as I go through life. Oddly enough, she didn’t actually ever PASS National Registry, and has never been able to practice as a Paramedic. This year, she decided to try again. I really do wonder if there’s someone in HER class, reminding HER that she failed to complete medic school the first time. I also find it mildly disappointing that she won’t admit to her previous conduct… but hey, some people are just like that.

In the end, Karma comes back to bite you in the ass. Every time. So follow the golden rule, and treat others as how you’d like to be treated, and maybe you'll have an easier time of things. If nothing else, it helps to not go through life angry at others.

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