Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PA Capitol Second Amendment Rally

Had a fun time yesterday with my friends from FOAC ( for the annual PA Gun Rights rally.

I spent the morning helping prep a couple of new team leaders for the afternoon advocacy event, so I actually missed much of the speeches - but I did get some crowd pictures. Looks like we had 500+! As I said on Twitter yesterday, we were able to get more folks to turn out to a weekday rally in PA in pouring rain than the "Demanding Mom" folks could muster in Indy (their founder's home town) last weekend, in nice weather.

Someone won a gun... A S&W Shield. Don't know who... But it wasn't me <sad face>.

After the rally, we split into teams and went into the Capitol building. Every legislator's office got a visit from us - on the House side, we were talking HB 921 (get rid of PICS and just use NICS), HB 2011, a bill to help fight preemption violations, and HB 448, this term's Parking Lot bill.

On the Senate side, we were pushing for SB 448, the PICS-to-NICS bill, and SB 876, a mirror bill for preemption violations. Hopefully we'll see all 3 of these bills pass this session.

This morning, I found this laugh on the Internet, from the rally:

I don't see anything particularly disturbing. There's good muzzle and trigger-finger discipline, and it's 3 concerned gun owners carrying a stroller up the steps in the rain. That's just courtesy!

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